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Offshore Structures

      Offshore projects comissioned by our Clients constitute an integral part of our activity. The success, reflected in the satisfaction of our Clients as well as the rising number of received commissions, is the result of professionalism, experience and observance of the NORSOK standards. These standards set the benchmark for the construction and maintenance of structures related to the oil industry.

     The Norsok standards, developed by the Norwegian petroleum industry, mean to serve as a review of the regulations present in the world (ISO/IEC) and European (CEN/CENELEC) standards. The primary purpose of the initiative is to ensure that projects completed in accordance with these requirements are characterised by perfection reflected in performed work, effective cost allocation, security and the reduction of negative impact on the environment.  The Norsok standards serve as the proof of the highest quality, and their recognition worldwide testifies to our professionalism as well as the highest quality of provided services.